Thanks for stopping by my site. Looks like you’re curious to learn a bit about me.

I’m happy to share!

Things I Enjoy

☕️ Coffee – especially cold brew, even better if it’s nitro. I’m a bit conflicted when it comes to coffee as I go back and forth between enjoying coffee and staying away from it. Caffeine dependency is a slippery slope.

🐈  My favorite animal: cat. Though I can’t say I’m attracted to hairless ones near as much as the furry variety. I basically become a child when I see a new a cat – excited, wide-eyed, and I might even let out a joyful squeal.

🦋  My favorite insect: butterfly. They are beautiful and fascinating, and it’s the coolest experience when one lands on you.

Hula hoop dancing – it’s expressive, fun, and a good workout!


Life: Today

Northern Denver, Colorado area is my home, where I live with my husband (of almost 10 years!) and our feline fur child.

I work from home and outside of work, I’m almost always working on some sort of side project whether it be writing, toiling away on coding a website or app, sharpening skills, or studying topics of interest.

I’m basically obsessed with my checklists. Unless I’m on vacation, I almost always have at least 2 “to-dos” a day that are not related to the day job. 🙂


Life: Future

My goal is to inspire others who struggle with mental health through sharing my story. I created the project Emotionally Empowered specifically for giving folks a tracking tool and some techniques to better understand and manage their emotions – but at the end of the day, I simply want to inspire.

It means a lot when I get feedback about how sharing my story helped someone else feel less alone, or less ashamed. Sometimes less is more. Those heavy emotions really can weigh you down. I want to help lift others up, even if it’s indirectly through lessening the weight of that heaviness.

I have so many aspirations! Many are silly and frivolous and might not come to fruition, but maybe they will! For example, I’ve always wanted to design a few pieces of clothing and make them myself. Fun fact: I tried making my fur child a vest and it was a failure learning experience. So, that future goal is on the back burner but it creeps back into my thoughts every now and then – especially when I shop for clothes. If only you could see me rolling my eyes at the thought.

Another future endeavor: create electronic music. Having formerly played instruments in the past and then sort of picking the guitar back up here and there but not really committing to it, I decided that creating electronic music would be a worthwhile pursuit. It’s always fascinated me since I discovered it as a teenager. I’m sure I have a learning curve ahead of me but it seems like a fun one once I commit some time to it. We’ll see!

Then there’s the dream of eventually writing a book or a script for series. One of my visions for the future is definitely to write more, and so here we are.

Ultimately, I enjoy creating. There’s a trend here in case you haven’t noticed. 🙂

If you want to connect with me, please reach out. Looking forward to meeting you!