How to Settle Your Debt

Debt Settlement – Do it Yourself & Save

Debt settlement, when approached carefully and under the right circumstances, can offer some potential benefits to individuals facing overwhelming debt.


How to Settle Your Debt is a quick read packed full of valuable insights on the debt settlement process in the United States as well as debt settlement negotiation tips based on experience in the debt industry that you won’t easily find anywhere else online.


My experience settling clients’ debts led me to settling unsecured debt for as low as 10% of the original debt. While this is no means a guarantee for everyone and every situation, I share insights and tips that aided in resolving many debts between 10% to 50% of the debt balance at the time of settlement. Also included in this pdf are some real examples of debt settlement letters acquired for past clients.


This pdf offer is ideal for you, if:
  • you want to better understand the benefits and risks of debt settlement
  • you seek clarity about whether debt settlement is right for you and your situation or whether other debt relief options are where you should direct your energy and focus
  • your debt is mostly unsecured (credit cards, unsecured loans, old service provider bills, etc.)
  • you are considering alternatives that do not involve using a service provider – specifically to maintain direct involvement in the debt, retain privacy, and avoid high service fees
  • you are eager to learn debt settlement negotiation tips you won’t easily find anywhere else online
  • you are curious to learn about debt settlement from someone who has worked in the industry
  • …and you value the time-saving, convenience factor this pdf provides for the price, whether or not you choose to settle your own debt!


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