Independent Exploratory Software Testing Services

What is Independent Exploratory Software Testing?

The stringent process of manual software testing conducted by a third party which is centered around:

1. The anticipated functionality of a software system

2. Further exploring the software system to reveal edge cases and weak or broken workflows

The Benefits of Independent Exploratory Software Testing

1. Unlike testing against specific acceptance criteria, testing independently provides findings that are often missed within such narrower lanes of focus. Non-obvious bugs almost always circumvent binary testing of acceptance criteria.

2. Exploratory software testing will pro-actively aim to break workflows so that your team can fix issues before your end-users discover them or are otherwise adversely impacted.

3. Discover what’s not intuitive within the User Experience through the eyes of independent exploratory testing. Use this information to improve UI/UX and ultimately, user success. Fresh eyes bring invaluable insight.

What’s the Cost of Independent Exploratory Software Testing?

All Independent Exploratory Software Testing is set at a fixed hourly price.

Have a more robust software product? Need 3rd party integrations tested? Want testing done on four different browsers? All of these can be accommodated.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report containing all encountered bugs, including console and network errors as appropriate, as well as screenshots and videos as relevant for documentation.

Quotes for Independent Exploratory Software Testing

Each software and testing needs are unique.

Contact me to discuss your software testing needs.

Please include the following in your message: the amount of testing hours needed; your testing cycle timeframe and desired turnaround time; the operating system(s) and browser(s) for which you’re seeking testing; the name of software and purpose.